Two Days

We leave in less than 48 hours for ultimately, the Vermont side of Lake Champlain, and so far the extent of packing includes emptying my closet on top of a duffel bag, then pawing through for clothes to wear today.  The bag is new, something cheap and fold-able, because I wanted a duffel bag of my own, not one inherited from an ex-mother-in-law.  I’ve come across that feeling a lot recently.  I know it’s cheaper to stick with what I already own but I’ve developed this itch for things that are entirely mine.   Or if it’s not mine, like my living room of inherited furniture, I want it to have belonged to someone I still love.

In truth, the important things are already packed – the kayak, the bikes, a sheep’s worth of yarn, enough reading material for a small library.  What else do you really need?

The plan is to drive with leisure on the way there.  My theory was to just get on I-90 and head east, then follow the signs, which I figured would work pretty well.  I did Europe that way with only a few minor mishaps, and those were more errors in judgment than errors in direction.  But this time, I’m travel with a man who takes a different tack.  Thank goodness for sticky notes.


Day One takes us to Missoula, MT for the night.  Day two we drop down in to Wyoming and through a bunch of other states until we reach the part that I’m really excited about, which is the ferry from Wisconsin across Lake Michigan.

Day one and two

In about a week we hope to land in Bridport, Vermont.  Specifically West Bridport (ignore the red “A” bubble”), which I’ve been assured (a) is very definitely NOT called Bridgeport and (b) makes a wide spot in the road look happening.  But, if google can map it, I can go there.


Once we’re there, the plan for the summer is to have no plan.  We’ll be on a lake in the middle of farmland Vermont with enough quiet to listen for echos of Thoreau in the evening.

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5 Responses to Two Days

  1. ginny AKA Mom says:

    I’m hoping that your first day of travel went well and that the rest of the trip continues to be nothing but fun
    Love, Mom

  2. john AKA dad says:

    You will be amazed by the Crazy Horse experience (Colin&I were). I found that things became quite flat (read boring) east of the badlands.That is, unless you run into thunderstorms !! Enjoy and stay safe. love,dad

  3. Lucy says:

    I love maps. There is something so centering and forthright about them. Thank you for your generous spirit in sharing your travels wwith us – it’s a voueuristic delight! Plus it feels like I’ve taken a mini-mini vacation after reading your blog.
    love, Lucy

  4. john AKA dad says:

    Chris, Now your eyes are opening!!! dad

  5. dad says:

    Wonderful pics. It’s sounds as though you are having an outstanding time. Have to go crabbing now. I’ll write more later , although it doesn’t read as richly as yours. dad

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