The Boat

This is the boat I’ll be taking cross country with me.

Note that it starts in two bags (the better to shove in the back of a Subaru), because it’s a Folbot, purchased on Craig’s List from a guy who already had seven neckys (that’s another brand of kayak) at his Lopez Island house and this one was just taking up space in the garage.  At the house with two security gates and a mini-vinyard.  I love the Plateau.

in the bag

The aluminum frame snaps together like this.  You can see the empty boat skin on the right, which already has the bow piece inside.

stern frame out

Then the frame goes inside, add a few more pieaces and voila!  It’s a boat.  Which I didn’t take a picture of so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

bow frame in

I took the boat out for a short paddle, to make sure I remembered how to put it together and to try out a new launch site on the east end of Lake Sammamish.  Though it was windy and gray, birds were out in full force including three herons, a bald eagle, a huge raptor looking creature that I was afraid would eat my head if I got too close, and these guys.  Perhaps I need to get a bird book.

bird family

Departure time is six AM tomorrow.  The car is already packed – see you on the other side.

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