Tinfoildresses publication


Welcome fall, with your cold days and cold viruses and Autumn poetry journal publications….

Today was one of those days where I found myself wishing I were capable of teaching the way “teachers” are so often accused of teaching.  Open text book, read page thirty-seven, assign problems one through fifty-six.  Trouble is, that would put me to sleep, which is often bad form when I’m supposed to be the one in charge.

No.  We built Halloween style flashlights, looked at cubic salt crystals, gave a twice interrupted spelling-turned-direction following test (most failed the direction following part, good Americans that they are) and massaged two different math groups into functioning simultaneously.  For a little while.  And they all kindly pointed out that my voice wasn’t anywhere near as bad as yesterday.  Ah, phlegm choked squeaky voice, how 5th graders love thee.

Regardless, it was nice to come home to this: Tinfoildresses Fall 09 issue is up, with two of my pieces snuggled down there in the middle.

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1 Response to Tinfoildresses publication

  1. Ginny Isler says:

    When I read your opening blog note and the two new publications I got a physical tingling sensation throughout my body – sensing your realization that you are and have always been a writer and that you can take a simple event, say a trip to the DMV, and turn it into a beautiful and meaningful experience. Bravo!

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