Definately not Sugar Plum Dreams

I’m stalling again.  The goal for December is 45,000 words and here it is, December 28th and I have exactly 39,715 words in the draft, which is about 1,000 more than I had on the first of December and those were written on the plane with a Canadian transit and trade official looking over my shoulder and asking me how I could write and watch the in flight movie at the same time.  Which, for the record, I can’t.

It’s not that my imagination hasn’t been busy.  So far this month, I’ve:

  • written intricate hypothetical arguments with my boss about why I let kids move furniture when I was told not to, in preparation for returning to work.
  • listed and unlisted all the ways I might almost have Asperger’s (except that I am painfully aware of other people’s emotional states, so I guess that’s out).
  • composed several letters to the superintendent about how asking teachers to move their classroom in the middle of the year so you can save some money is an insult and just generally destructive to all involved.
  • imagined the start of several UTIs that turned out to be the result of drinking too much water
  • plotted further on every quarter novel I have sitting in my files EXCEPT the one I’m trying to finish
  • moved the entire contents of my classroom at least fifteen times.  There was one time when I actually, physically moved boxes, but all the other times were in response to the dreams gremlins who, every night move various items back to the old portable so I can dream-move them with myriad ridiculous obstacles to over come all night long.  Yay.  And who says teachers have too many vacations?  This isn’t a vacation, this is work!

None of this, however, is adding words to the necessary word count.  That’s a little over 5,000 words in four days.  That’s about a grand and a quarter a day.  Which seems so accessible, if only I could stop rearranging all of the damn furniture all the time.  Even imaginary furniture gets heavy after a while.

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2 Responses to Definately not Sugar Plum Dreams

  1. Leyla says:

    I, too, have had imaginary dream problems that have kept me up a couple of nights over the vacation. Weird, huh? They seem so very real while you are dreaming about them. Then you wake up, and you would think you would feel better knowing that none of that stuff is that you were worried about is actually real. Except, something nags at you still, suggesting that a part of what you were anxious about while dreaming, may have actually been rooted in some actual problem that you still need to solve.

    Good luck getting a good night’s sleep!

  2. Margaret says:

    Did you see that Autism Spectrum quiz that was going around on Facebook a while back? After avoiding it for days, terrified of what it would show, I went ahead and took it — and answered all the questions as strongly as I could (as in, if I was unsure which answer to choose, I picked the one that seemed more autistic-y to me). I came out with a 28, which is high but still just below the “grey area” in which someone _might_ be autistic. It was good to be reminded that OCD-spectrum and autism-spectrum overlap in a lot of ways, and I’m also painfully aware of other people’s emotional states … so really not autistic. OCD and procrastinator-extraordinaire? Yeah, you and I both tend in those directions … *sigh* WRITE! Would it help to set up a reward system?

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