I’m in a book! Hurrah!

In this writing world of internet poetry publication, in which your pay is the intrinsic joy of seeing your own work in pseudo-print, I get inordinately excited when someone else will put my stuff on actual, honest-to-goodness tree pulp paper, all bound together with a cover an everything!  To top it off, this was one of my favorite poems. I like the imagery and I love the title, which I think captures what I was trying to get at perfectly, all the while being a play on the situation itself.  It captures, for me, a surreal moment in growing up where a vital piece was removed for a very long few hours and the sense that the very normal looking world couldn’t still be the same.

Okay, honestly, I just love the title.  I made the mistake to re-reading it on the electronic version and now I want to revise it again.

So, if you want to find out the title I love so much, you can read it online, in the Fall Edition of Poetry Quarterly or you could support burgeoning writers everywhere and buy yourself a copy.  And then you can tell me what do to with the last line, because it just doesn’t scan right anymore.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  But the title. The title is still good.

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