Magic Eightball of the Internet

After several months with no news, today I got a rejection.  That’s not such a shock.  I’m quite proud of my just over 75% rejection stats.  That’s a C in rejection but it means that almost 25% of the time I get accepted.  Or my stuff gets accepted.  It’s difficult to feel the difference between whether its me or my writing that wears the verdict but at least the actually judgment is clear.

Accept or reject.  Yes or no.  Works or it doesn’t.

The clarity is a relief, actually, because so many other things are murky.  Maybe there is something to receiving seemingly arbitrary feedback from people I’ve never met about something that’s important to me.  It’s out of my control, even a little defeating 75% of the time, but it’s also clean. It’s a decision, a Yes or No.

And then I can try again.

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