Joseph Kaufman is my hero

There is nothing quite like having an editor quote your own work back to you as an example of quality writing.  Especially, when the comments are prefaced with the phrase “This line is amazing”.  I’m ready to spit shine this guy’s shoes (among other things) just for putting something about my writing and the word “amazing” in the same vicinity, much less the same paragraph.

Fortunately, the light-headed delight of such is quickly pulled right back down to earth by the standard closing line of “We look forward to reading more of your work” which opens the floodgates of panic.

Because, I will never be able to write anything like that every again.  In fact, I’m already doubting that I was capable of writing the first piece they liked and have to check to make sure I recognize the title.

But it is mine.  To be published in Every Day Fiction some day soon.

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1 Response to Joseph Kaufman is my hero

  1. Joseph Kaufman says:


    Stumbled across this today — glad to be of service. *smile* I still like that line, and when I refreshed my memory about the piece II saw that the story was very well received! Kudos! The funny part is that I think I actually voted a “no” on the story, but the slush process made the right choice (I was fairly new when I would have read it) and the editors (I was just a slush reader back then) published it!

    I hope you will submit more work soon!

    Joseph Kaufman
    EDF Editor

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