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Family Reunion 2011: Part I

My extended family is a sea of New Yorkers and other refugees of the Irish diaspora.  They’re loud, honest, numerous, generous and have no need of an actual bar to have a drinking party.  I knew this, academically anyway, before … Continue reading

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Begin Summer

I finally have time, acres of it spread out over a summer that appears to be only summer by the calendar (it’s raining outside), and I’m not using it.  Already it feels like I’m wasting it, letting the undedicated hours … Continue reading

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Drafts (and some poems published)

The past few months I’ve been plagued by the this sense that I haven’t been getting anything done.  I’m running but I don’t feel like I’m getting any faster.  I sit down to write and nothing gets finished.  I pull … Continue reading

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Shades of Mediocrity

At a workshop a few weeks ago, the presenters opened with a quote that I keep forgetting to bring home, but went something to the effect of: “The only people who feel successful are those who are willing to put … Continue reading

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