Begin Summer

I finally have time, acres of it spread out over a summer that appears to be only summer by the calendar (it’s raining outside), and I’m not using it.  Already it feels like I’m wasting it, letting the undedicated hours slide away.

Yesterday, instead of writing watched a public television painting show and the man admonished us novice painters not to fear the white page.  Just jump in and paint something.  It’s only paper, he said.  It’s only paint. You can’t break it.

Well, it’s only time.

Time has been getting faster, recently.  I might lose too much of it staring out the window, thinking, and watching rain fall, waiting for the right way to use what I have.

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2 Responses to Begin Summer

  1. Chris Fries says:

    Hi Christie,

    I don’t think you’re wasting time. Our minds need some downtime, some time of self-reflection, some time idling and watching the rain fall. Batteries need to be recharged; creative urges need to be refilled; we all need a rest from time to time.

    And fear not: Some tidbit from that painting show will take seed in your subconscious and you’ll find it coming back out in your writing at some point — just wait and see. So even that wasn’t “wasted.”

    But… That’s not why I stopped by to comment.

    I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your story “Hungry” over at EDF. Very nice!!!

  2. Leyla says:

    Funny thing…that’s exactly my predicament with exercise! I am sitting at my computer entering my weight on, and adding in the dates and times I plan to exercise on my calendar, while eating my carb-filled breakfast and thinking about how I wish I were skinny!

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