If you’re not a Radiolab listener, you should be

Today, while fighting to eradicating ranunculus from my garden and free-basing Radiolab podcasts (and yes, I did borrow that phrase from another Radiolab listener because there is simply no better way to describe it) I found a sweet spot.  The place where things I love overlap in a way that makes each one more perfect for the connection and, essentially, hits it out of the park.

Radiolab Podcast: Tell Me a Story

Robert Krulwich talks about the place where science and story over lap and the ramifications of his ideas travel far beyond the Cal Tech graduates he’s speaking to.  It resonates in teaching, science, writing and story-telling, all of which are wrapped around my heart and soul like … well, like that freaking ranunculus that sneaks in roots and runners every time I blink.  It does, however, have pretty flowers.  As does this particular podcast, and I think the ideas in it may be just as tenacious in taking root.

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