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Instead of sleeping

She moves late at night, when I ought to be asleep because the alarm will go off before I’ve had a chance to sleep enough. She moves as if she has been reading a book and then suddenly breaks out … Continue reading

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So much spring

been busy settling in to this new season unfurling leaves after dark and rain too much winter these small things, these beginnings take massive amounts of work

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750 Words

If additional proof were ever needed of my utter nerdhood–beyond my taking Latin and Organic Chem for kicks in college, beyond my getting excited about a book of essays about scientific studies, beyond my choice to wear T-shirts with numbers … Continue reading

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Nothing wakes one up in the morning like white smoke and squealing belts. Or a shuddering wheel and that stomach-dropping slow motion failing of a car that was chugging along happily at twenty miles an hour up the the first … Continue reading

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Pomegranate season

It’s been a few days since I’ve been to the store, partially because I’ve been working, but mostly because I might have misplaced the next edition of my credit card. Turns out plastic works less well when expired. But, new … Continue reading

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Making Change

A few years ago, I switched the mouse at work from the right side to the left of my computer to give sore tendons a bit of a break. For a few days, it felt like writing in the mirror. … Continue reading

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It was gray and quiet today.  I made butternut squash soup laced with curry and cinnamon and thought about how much time gets wasted on things like television and worry and how both are their own sorts of addiction.  I … Continue reading

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Early Harvest and Garden Pests

It’s already begun to feel a touch like fall.  The air isn’t as warm when the sun goes behind a cloud.  The breeze is cooler.  Nights are cooler.  I’m getting ready to rip out my sugar snap peas because they’ve … Continue reading

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Precious Metal

I put on lipstick and perfume to sell my wedding ring. I tried to sell it once before, several years ago now.  The jeweler had offered me two hundred dollars for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, an anniversary necklace … Continue reading

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Postcard to July

Dear Sun, Look what we’ve done with the few days you’ve managed to make an appearance this month: And this: July 2011 • Volume 4 • Issue 7 The latest issue of Four and Twenty is available for download at … Continue reading

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