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Early Harvest and Garden Pests

It’s already begun to feel a touch like fall.  The air isn’t as warm when the sun goes behind a cloud.  The breeze is cooler.  Nights are cooler.  I’m getting ready to rip out my sugar snap peas because they’ve … Continue reading

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If you’re not a Radiolab listener, you should be

Today, while fighting to eradicating ranunculus from my garden and free-basing Radiolab podcasts (and yes, I did borrow that phrase from another Radiolab listener because there is simply no better way to describe it) I found a sweet spot.  The … Continue reading

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Drafts (and some poems published)

The past few months I’ve been plagued by the this sense that I haven’t been getting anything done.  I’m running but I don’t feel like I’m getting any faster.  I sit down to write and nothing gets finished.  I pull … Continue reading

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Shades of Mediocrity

At a workshop a few weeks ago, the presenters opened with a quote that I keep forgetting to bring home, but went something to the effect of: “The only people who feel successful are those who are willing to put … Continue reading

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Tonight, sparrows and bats crisscrossed the sky failing sky.  I thought they were all bats at first but the stealth arrow of the sparrows set them apart from the frantic flutter flutter of the bats, never able to glide with … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

Spring is a call for reinvention. All through the winter we’re stuck in various modes of survival – surviving the dark, the holidays festivities, the infinite gray days – and survival is nothing more than fording the river between one … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookies

Some days I’m tired.  Tired of remodels that need to be remodeled again to get them right.  Tired of sitting down at the keyboard and battling the editor.  Tired of that huge gap between what I can imagine and what … Continue reading

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Definately not Sugar Plum Dreams

I’m stalling again.  The goal for December is 45,000 words and here it is, December 28th and I have exactly 39,715 words in the draft, which is about 1,000 more than I had on the first of December and those … Continue reading

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Things that work

Mitchell Bay, San Juan Island, October 2010 The years that I teach a Science Unit on Electricity, we start off learning about circuits.  How electricity has to have a pathway, how electricity likes to run in circles.  It’s all fine … Continue reading

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The School Truck

Eroding Sand at Ocean Shores First week.  Done.  And there were only four days of it. My throat is killing me.  I have bruises across my arms and thighs.  I’m tired, though I slept for almost ten hours last night, … Continue reading

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