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Family Reunion Part II: Barefoot

My sub-branch of the Smith family is clearly from way out West because while so many others were doing civilized things–golfing, sitting by the pool, sleeping off the night before–we found ourselves doing this. There was a sweet little trail … Continue reading

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Family Reunion 2011: Part I

My extended family is a sea of New Yorkers and other refugees of the Irish diaspora.  They’re loud, honest, numerous, generous and have no need of an actual bar to have a drinking party.  I knew this, academically anyway, before … Continue reading

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Spring Break on my Island

No television.  No internet connection.  Didn’t even open the computer until the last day. Instead, there were hyacinths backed by blue sky. There were harbor lights at night. and crumbling ruins by day. Also enjoyed but not photographed: a Stephen … Continue reading

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Things that work

Mitchell Bay, San Juan Island, October 2010 The years that I teach a Science Unit on Electricity, we start off learning about circuits.  How electricity has to have a pathway, how electricity likes to run in circles.  It’s all fine … Continue reading

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Island Stories

Faux European statue peeing into the saltwater pool at Petit Amour on San Juan Island overlooking the San Juan Channel One of the games we play as writers is telling stories, because everyone has a backstory even if you don’t know what … Continue reading

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Taking Flight

I’m clearly late and will probably end up posting these bits out of order, but I’m in charge and linear time lines are overrated.  And thanks to Willy Bethel for the photos.  I’ve never been good at taking pictures with … Continue reading

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Ciudad Dario, Nicaragua, June 21st, 2010 The first day in Dario, Narly (the principal) took us on a  wandering and often interrupted tour of the Dario Christian Academy, where we would work the rest of the week.  There are several … Continue reading

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Parkway Exit, Revised

Tree roots emerging from the cliffside at 4th of July Beach, San Juan Island Driving home the other night, I found my usual exit adorned with a road sign I’ve never seen before.  It read, “Parkway Exit, Revised”, as if … Continue reading

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All the pretty little horses

In college, I studied botany and music.  What does a botanical musician do for money, you ask?  Get another degree.  So I went to teaching, a career so financially lucrative Sarah Palin made a campaign promise that if she won, … Continue reading

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Settling In

There is something about a month of vacation that is altogether different from its half-brother of two weeks.  Two weeks is enough to tourist up a place, see all the sights, generate duffels of laundry, bike the bike routes and … Continue reading

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