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750 Words

If additional proof were ever needed of my utter nerdhood–beyond my taking Latin and Organic Chem for kicks in college, beyond my getting excited about a book of essays about scientific studies, beyond my choice to wear T-shirts with numbers … Continue reading

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Early Harvest and Garden Pests

It’s already begun to feel a touch like fall.  The air isn’t as warm when the sun goes behind a cloud.  The breeze is cooler.  Nights are cooler.  I’m getting ready to rip out my sugar snap peas because they’ve … Continue reading

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If you’re not a Radiolab listener, you should be

Today, while fighting to eradicating ranunculus from my garden and free-basing Radiolab podcasts (and yes, I did borrow that phrase from another Radiolab listener because there is simply no better way to describe it) I found a sweet spot.  The … Continue reading

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Begin Summer

I finally have time, acres of it spread out over a summer that appears to be only summer by the calendar (it’s raining outside), and I’m not using it.  Already it feels like I’m wasting it, letting the undedicated hours … Continue reading

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Joseph Kaufman is my hero

There is nothing quite like having an editor quote your own work back to you as an example of quality writing.  Especially, when the comments are prefaced with the phrase “This line is amazing”.  I’m ready to spit shine this … Continue reading

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Tonight, sparrows and bats crisscrossed the sky failing sky.  I thought they were all bats at first but the stealth arrow of the sparrows set them apart from the frantic flutter flutter of the bats, never able to glide with … Continue reading

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Magic Eightball of the Internet

After several months with no news, today I got a rejection.  That’s not such a shock.  I’m quite proud of my just over 75% rejection stats.  That’s a C in rejection but it means that almost 25% of the time … Continue reading

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Probability Theory and Procrastination

I don’t know where to begin.  Possibilities are spinning on a Ferris Wheel that refuses to stop so that as soon as I look one idea in the eye, it’s on its away again and another one is in the … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

Spring is a call for reinvention. All through the winter we’re stuck in various modes of survival – surviving the dark, the holidays festivities, the infinite gray days – and survival is nothing more than fording the river between one … Continue reading

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Ways to not write a novel

Sign up for a triathlon – Then, when you’re not practicing spelling the word “Triathlon” (I swear, there needs to be another ‘a’ in there) you can be either training, thinking about training, worrying about how you’re not training or … Continue reading

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