Postcard to July

Dear Sun,

Look what we’ve done with the few days you’ve managed to make an appearance this month:

Borage, a favorite with the bees

Roses, a favorite with the aphids

A California Poppy with heirloom flair

Violet pole bean flowers that will someday achieve their dream of being Violet Pole Beans

A profusion of brilliant red Yarrow

Something whose name I really ought to learn but currently answers to "Pretty"

And this:

July 2011 • Volume 4 • Issue 7

The latest issue of Four and Twenty is available for download at

This issue of the journal features poetry by Rachel Adams, Henry Arroyo, Damian Balassone, Lake Boggan, Darren Crawford, Gabriel Gadfly, Carrie Vestal Gilman, John Grey, Sharayah C. Hooper, Christie Isler, Dallas Jones, John McKernan, Nina E. Larsen, Justin Antonia Martinez, Mary Jane Nordgren, Kushal Poddar, Bonnie Quan Symons, David Rosenthal, Nancy Scott, and Herb Shallcross.

And we did all that with only “78 minutes” of summer thus far.  Just imagine what we could accomplish with a little more.  I’m promise, the rest of the country won’t mind if you leave them alone a while.  We’ve even made up a bed for you.

Hope to see you soon,


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