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Postcard to July

Dear Sun, Look what we’ve done with the few days you’ve managed to make an appearance this month: And this: July 2011 • Volume 4 • Issue 7 The latest issue of Four and Twenty is available for download at … Continue reading

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Drafts (and some poems published)

The past few months I’ve been plagued by the this sense that I haven’t been getting anything done.  I’m running but I don’t feel like I’m getting any faster.  I sit down to write and nothing gets finished.  I pull … Continue reading

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Joseph Kaufman is my hero

There is nothing quite like having an editor quote your own work back to you as an example of quality writing.  Especially, when the comments are prefaced with the phrase “This line is amazing”.  I’m ready to spit shine this … Continue reading

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Magic Eightball of the Internet

After several months with no news, today I got a rejection.  That’s not such a shock.  I’m quite proud of my just over 75% rejection stats.  That’s a C in rejection but it means that almost 25% of the time … Continue reading

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I’m in a book! Hurrah!

In this writing world of internet poetry publication, in which your pay is the intrinsic joy of seeing your own work in pseudo-print, I get inordinately excited when someone else will put my stuff on actual, honest-to-goodness tree pulp paper, … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookies

Some days I’m tired.  Tired of remodels that need to be remodeled again to get them right.  Tired of sitting down at the keyboard and battling the editor.  Tired of that huge gap between what I can imagine and what … Continue reading

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Words and Deeds

Good things stem from getting something published that have nothing to do with money, which is damn good because I’ve yet to find the money. Within minutes of remembering that this poem was getting its 15 minutes of internet fame … Continue reading

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On Short Form

One of my first favorite poets was Emily Dickinson.  At the time I fell in love with her, I think it was mostly because of the bleeding-heart idealism of being a seventh grade girl who, probably luckily, had not even … Continue reading

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The School Truck

Eroding Sand at Ocean Shores First week.  Done.  And there were only four days of it. My throat is killing me.  I have bruises across my arms and thighs.  I’m tired, though I slept for almost ten hours last night, … Continue reading

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Tinfoildresses publication

Welcome fall, with your cold days and cold viruses and Autumn poetry journal publications…. Today was one of those days where I found myself wishing I were capable of teaching the way “teachers” are so often accused of teaching.  Open … Continue reading

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